Finding us online

Flickr? Twitter? Facebook? Yikes! So many weird-sounding ways to stay in touch these days. So much pressure to join modernity!

Make no mistake, we still love handwriting notes and putting pictures in frames, but sharing picture, videos and updates online is so much more efficient — and green! The days of sending emails around with pictures attached are numbered. So herewith a guide to finding where we live online.

Right now, you’re reading our joint blog (or weblog). We each have our own blogs, too. April’s is called Borrowing Great Ideas; mine is Do You Sociate? If you’ve been receiving April’s email travelogues over the years, her blog will feel familiar. Mine will probably seem alien, unless you’re in the tech business or really curious.

We’re not the most prolific bloggers, but we’re better at microblogging, yet another new thing. The most popular microblogging service is called Twitter. You can find our tweets (each time you post to Twitter is called a tweet) here and here.

If you want to get to the good stuff, though, you may want to see our shared photos, which are on Flickr, a very popular photo-sharing service. Here are links to April’s and Jerry’s picture streams.

Flickr now accepts videos that are under a minute and a half in length, so Jerry’s been using Flickr for those lately, but he also has some longer videos on that well-known video-sharing site, YouTube. You can find his YouTube videos here.

Jerry also does one thing that’s unique: He publishes his Brain online. TheBrain is a concept-mapping application that  Jerry’s been using for eleven years. You can see it by following this link.

We’re also both on Facebook, and would love it if you would “friend” us there. Our profile pages are here and here.

We hope that’s not all too confusing or exhausting, but thus is life in the early 21st Millennium. All of these links will stay in the sidebar here (see “Links” to the right), so they’ll be easy to locate.

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