Our annual letter for 2018

Happy holidays, friends!

After 11 years writing lengthy end-of-year missives, we are taking a break this year, which will save you several hours of reading, following links, watching videos, etc. But we love the tradition, and we haven’t disappeared!

2018 in a nutshell…

April here: I clocked far fewer miles, but took a far bigger and deeper journey internally. I completed my yoga teacher training (25 hours/week in the studio for 10 weeks; a life dream) which helped me crack open new ideas, gain new insights about my Self, and finally have time to breathe oxygen into longer-term goals. While my advisory work continues, I began to shift my focus more towards public speaking. The more keynotes I give, the more I want to deliver — and I truly love doing so. Still focused on the new (sharing, collaborative, on-demand, gig) economy and the future of work, with an emerging kicker of “citizenship” (an incomplete term; who do we tell ourselves that we are — as individuals, leaders, companies — and why?) Travel was enough to stay curious, at a more mellow pace: Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Mallorca, Malaysia and all four corners of the USA. Special trips and time for family, friends and reflection. Heading into 2019, I am focused on building my speaking portfolio and platform and — finally — writing my first book!

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Jerry here: For the first 10 months of 2018, my life was exponential — almost literally. I was the Chief Architect of the ExO (Exponential Organizations) Foundation and gave multiple “disrupt” speeches for ExO Sprints, which are 10-week corporate workshops that help them implement exponential initiatives. In the middle of all that, I gave the opening keynote at the Personal Democracy Forum about — what else? — trust. Then the exponential orgs restructured and I shifted to publishing the ideas that have spilled out of my quest into trust, and sparking a community of practice around it all.

How do people react to systems designed from trust?

Together: We continue to love the Pacific NW. Our quest to explore more of our backyard was partly met, as we spent time in Seattle, Olympic National Park, and Vancouver BC during the course of the year. These adventures left us yearning to explore what’s nearby even more… with passports always close at hand, too.

Wishing you a wonderful wrap to 2018, and as for 2019: bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Our annual letter for 2018”

  1. To my most inspiring couple, thank you for sharing the highlights of your 2018. Your adventures, work ethic, love for each other and life, always inspire me to new heights!

    Thank you both for always being so open and sharing so much of yourselves. Wishing you an incredible 2019, where I hope our roads will cross more often!

    Much love,

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